sourcing wood

cut up disks of birch

wood gluing fireplace chimney

working building fireplace chimney

finished installation of pop up fireplace

Hand sewn patchwork bench around fireplace to showcase cushions

close up detail of patchwork bench

closeup detail of blanket stiching

Finished fireplace

Display box add on

Using a Die cutter to create circle shapes for pouf installation

Snow pouf Installation

Installing snow pouf

Die cut circle machine to cut tissue paper

making chicken wire frame for body of pouf

Ruler snow cityscape

ruler and bicycle snowy cityscape

Installing ruler cityscape

Gluing rulers together

Installing white streamers

Sending white trash bags through a shredder to make streamers

Finished white streamer instalation

White streamer under skylight

hand drawn chalk board

hand drawn chalkboard

hand drawn signage

Hand drawn signage

spring gardening made grass ramp

spring gardening hose and pipe

spring gardening hose and pipe even has water!!

garden tap

Hand cut over 100 glass wine bottles for hanging chandelier

hand dipped dowels for jewelry case

hand dipping dowels

side view hand dipped dowel jewelry case

Jewellery case installing dowels

watercolor paper rolls for blue cloud installation

dark blue cloud

blue cloud

Display coordinators sketch of plastic bottle flower installation plan

taping off the floor for wires to hang bottles from

spray paint flowers

Die cutting flowers out of bubble wrap

sorting by color spray paint flowers

me hanging flowers

Hand spraying the plastic bottles to make flowers

Finished spring flower bloom Installation

Added a light to hang as chandellier in changing room

cardboard caterpillar

circle of cardboard bent three times to make joint

cut glass chandelier

bottom of glass candle display

pallet belt display

Castaway bottle globe Tavel display

hand gluing felt leaves

felt leaves

Tropical leaves bed display

Vinyl cut leaves

building a boat from scratch!

Boat bedding display

Cane weaving basket material

hand weaving baskets

Finished basket display

Industrial pipe bed

Detail of industrial pipe and lace bed

Contrast of lace and concrete

Building a painters shed from scratch

Finished painters shed display

Hand dyed with coffee grounds sheets for roof

Anthropologie Display Internship

I worked directly with the Display coordinator Courtney Cerruti, I developed concepts and hand built three dimensional installations in which to house and promote a seasonal line of products. Merchandising Anthropologie range of jewelry clothes and home goods.I researched, sourced and purchased materials and utilized a great variety found materials and craft techniques to create wonderful over the top tactile one of a kind pieces of art installations.

Interior design internship